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Anne Morris and Associates, LLC staff have been invited speakers and made presentations at the following local, state, and national conferences:

  • American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials,
    Standing Committee on Environment, Community and Cultural Concerns
  • American Council of Engineering Companies
  • American Planning Association Annual Conference
  • American Public Transportation Association Rail 2012
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations Annual Conference
  • Atlanta Regional Commission
  • Federal Highway Administration First Annual Civil Rights Symposium
  • Federal Highway Administration Community Impact Assessment Conference
  • Federal Highway Administration Environmental Stewardship in the Delivery of Transportation Services Conference
  • Federal Highway Administration Environmental Streamlining Conference
  • Federal Highway Administration Southern Environmental Leadership Summit
  • Florida DOT Environmental Management Office Conference
  • Florida DOT Focus on Community Conference
  • Georgia American Planning Association Conference
  • Georgia Partnership for Transportation Quality Conference
  • Georgia Society of Professional Engineers
  • Hawaii DOT Context Sensitive Solutions Conference
  • Houston-Galveston Area Council
  • Kentucky Area Development Districts Conference
  • Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Joint Transportation Planning Conference
  • Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Partnership Conference
  • Illinois DOT Fall Planning Conference
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers
  • International Right-of-way Association Public Real Estate Symposium
  • Michigan DOT Environmental Justice Workshop
  • Minnesota DOT Context Sensitive Solutions Conference
  • Mississippi Transportation Institute Conference
  • National Association of Environmental Professionals Conference
  • National Association of Governmental Communicators
  • National Community Impact Assessment Fifth Conference
  • National Community Impact Assessment Fourth Conference
  • National Community Impact Assessment Third Conference
  • New Partners for Smart Growth Sixth Annual Conference
  • North Carolina DOT Board of Transportation
  • North Carolina Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations Conference
  • Santee-Lynches Council of Governments
  • South Carolina MPO/COG Annual Workshop
  • South Carolina Society of Professional Engineers
  • South Carolina Transportation Partnering Conference
  • Southeast Watershed Forum Roundtable
  • Southern Transportation Civil Rights Executive Council Conference
  • Texas DOT Environmental Coordinators Conference
  • Texas DOT Transportation Planning Conference
  • Transportation Research Board – Public Involvement Committee
  • Transportation Research Board – Environmental Justice Committee
  • Transportation Research Board – Context Sensitive Solutions Taskforce
  • Transportation Research Board – Community Impact Assessment
  • Transportation Research Board – Small and Medium Sized Communities Conference
  • Transportation Research Board – Social and Economic Factors of Transportation Committee
  • Women’s Transportation Seminar