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Anne Morris and Associates, LLC staff has completed the following National Highway Institute (NHI), Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE), Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC), and The Shipley Group (TSG) courses:

  • NHI - Project Development and Environmental Documentation
    (course 14205)
  • NHI - Public Involvement in NEPA and Transportation Decision Making
    (course 14236)
  • NHI - Fundamentals of Environmental Justice (course 142042A)
  • NHI - Communications in Public Involvement (course 142059)
  • NHI - Instructor Development (course 420018)
  • CTE - Context Sensitive Solutions (four-day course)
  • KTC - Context Sensitive Design and Solutions (two-day course)
  • TSG - NEPA Cumulative Effects Analysis & Documentation
  • NTI – Public Involvement in Transportation Decisionmaking

Staff has been certified by the National Highway Instituate as a trainer for their Fundamentals of the Title VI/Environmental Justice course.